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Yesterday was the 19th TurkeyCon my family has ever had. We had the regulars; Julia, Lou and Jack, but we also had three add-ons. One of my dad's friends Ken, my foster sister Kat, and her older sister Michelle. TurkeyCon seems to be growing more and more. It used to be the four of us (my mom, dad, brother and I) and Lou, Julia, Jack, Genie and Alex. Genie hasn't been in years, and Alex got married. For a while it was just Lou, Julia and Jack that came. But lately we've been having more and more people at least visit. It's kind of nice. It's always so nice to sit down to the full table, pass everything around and hear everyone having such a nice time.
Next year will be the 20th TurkeyCon my family has ever had. It's such a wonderfully hectic time and I can't imagine not doing it. I really want to make a t-shirt for it next year. My sister and I can probably make the design and sew the t-shirts together. I think that would be a really cool idea.
Last night I ended up sleeping on the floor in the middle of the living room because there wasn't anywhere else and I didn't want to sleep under the dining room table. I trust people not to step on me. This isn't too surprising and no one came down surprised to find me on the floor in a nest of a sleeping back, three comforters, the dog and our two kittens. Apparently, before I was born, it was not uncommon for my dad to come downstairs and find someone under the dining room table because it was the only safe place.
The floor's not that uncomfortable, oddly enough.
I love TurkeyCon.


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