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New Moon : A Review
So I went to go see New Moon today with my friend Julia. I brought a notepad to write down my thoughts (which I may do for other movies). So now, unedited, you get not only exactly what I was thinking at the time, but my overall reaction. <3

New Moon Movie : A review
Commercials: An LG texting commercial where a man removes his beard and gives it to a girl so she can ponder.
A cute commercial where a boy and a girl shyly meet up to exchange gifts. <3
Susie Salmon, murdered. Want to see this movie. The Lovely Bones.
Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jr. Black Magic driven.
It's Complicated. Meryl Streep. Interesting.
Avatar. Pandora. Navi. Sigourney Weaver. Marine in avatar body. Looks really cool. Want to see.
RPatz can act? Interesting. May see. Drama. May not. Remember Me.
Cute romance story. Helped old woman find love. Letters to Juliett.
Finally Movie is Starting.
Edward cuter with old woman, weirdly.
lol. lol lol lol.
Hiiii Jake! :D
"Hello biceps. Steroids are bad for you."
Ed 'subtly' glaring at Jake. He gets dreamcatcher for her. cuuute.
Love to Alice. Loooove.
Creeeeeeepy Jaaaaaasper. "Happy...nevermind."
Talking about class.
Shaky dialogue.
Bella could protect Ed. Yuh-huh.
All hail alice!
Protecting Bella is Ed's job. Cept Alive. No prot from her.
Don't hate the truck.
Bella realizes they all want to KILL HER.
"Damned? Like Hell?" No, like NJ.
"Kiss me?" Ed looks ready to cry.
Bella doesn't want her soul?
Ohai there biceps.
And for months, Bella sat like an invalid.
She's rather obsessive. Freaky. Charlie agrees.
"I need a girls night out." You need therapy.
Annoying Jessica.
Stupid Bella.
Getting on the back of a stranger's bike. Smart.
"Maybe I'm crazy now. I guess that's ok."
Jake and friends. Normal teens. HOLY CRAP!
Want a dreamcatcher now.
"You need to learn to love what's good for you." Buff outrageously hot tan guys.
How the heck did Bella recognize Sam from so far away?
Sam's ttly gay for Jake.
Helmets? No? Ok. W/e.
Jake + bike = HOT.
Jake takes off his shirt to clean up Bells. Woot! Unnecessary, but woot!
Face...Punch? wtf?
Wilhelm Scream! FTW!
Mike talking to Jake. Awesomely awkward. (Are you even old enough? Bella's buying my ticket.)
New Moon was beaten in suck by FACE PUNCH.
Jake is going through major puberty. Known as werewolf. Ism.
"My kung fu is strong." I had a mouthful of slushie and couldn't laugh. Or swallow.
Oh my god Jake reminds me of Sameko.
5 hot naked guys. Alone. In the woods.
Deja vu. Weird.
Hi black guy!
"Lie. Lie better."
Why does this guy make me think of Nightcrawler? Check IMDB.
Holy crap werewolves.
The abs! They're hypnotizing!
Jacon? Jake bacon? Mmmm.
Knocked over a camera. Bye camera!
Victoria has some pretty sweet moves.
Vamp-wolf chase scene was pretty epic.
YAY ALICE! "I have never known any one more prone to life-threatening idiocy."
"It's 108 over here." ...slides over.
Poor Jacob. D: Team Jacob forever.
How does she know where to go?
Loved Alice's thing of 'what the - leans back because she's not part of this.'
Jane. Kick-ass child.
Awkward elevator scene.
Vampire fight scene. Cool. Poor Alice. Wish she did more.
...What? Ed & Bell vamps frolicking around? Alice has weird visions. O.o
Couldn't stop laughing.
Aaaand then came the 'food'. Disturbing.
You're 109. What'd you do in those last 9 years?
Where's Jake?
Bella telling Ed to shut up. Win.
Hi Jake!
Bella: "Jake I love you."
I almost lost my pen because I wanted to throw it at the screen.
Damn Bella stopping the Ed Jake fight.
Poor Jake! Freaking Bella! DX
Worst. Proposal. EVER.

I know they're not all in order, they're just in the order I could get them down in.
And yes, the 'what' at the end is in fact what I said out loud as the credits started. Because seriously: WHAT?
Will organize later, maybe write up a script, read it, and post it on YouTube. Maaaybe.
Love! <3


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